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Perfect Tooth Fairy Names For Parents!

The tooth fairy is a mystical creature who comes in the night to exchange your child’s tooth for some cash. Many children enjoy writing letters to their fairy friends in the same way they write to Santa Claus. This can be a fun tradition to start with your child to help encourage them to take good care of their teeth, too! In this article, we’ll share some magical tooth fairy names and other ways to add to the tradition.

You can also check out more of our Fun Tooth Fairy Ideas to bring the tooth fairy to life.

FAQs: What You Need to Know About the Tooth Fairy

You may think you know everything you need to know about the tooth fairy –  that is until your child starts asking questions about her.

Q: Why Name the Tooth Fairy?

Kids are inquisitive, so they’re likely to have an array of questions when you tell them the story of the tooth fairy. While a simple, “Nobody knows her name” will do, it can add a lot of fun and personality to give her a fun name.

Maybe there are multiple fairies and your child can have the chance to receive different gifts from each one; or maybe there’s just one tooth fairy, like with Santa Claus.

There really is no right or wrong way to go about it as long as you and your littles have fun with it.

Q: Where Does the Tooth Fairy Keep the Teeth?

The tooth fairy gathers a lot of kids’ teeth each night, but why? Where do they all go?

Here are some response ideas:

  • Healthy teeth are used instead of bricks to build her shiny tooth fairy castle
  • Unhealthy teeth are added to the chart she keeps in the sky and may affect the next visit
  • She brings them to the sky to make stars
  • It’s a secret that nobody knows besides the tooth fairy

Q: How Many Tooth Fairies Are There?

This answer can be whatever you like it to be. It can be fun to give each tooth fairy her own name and personality to add to the experience.

By saying there’s more than one tooth fairy, you can explain why each gift is a little bit different.

Q: What is the Tooth Fairy’s Favorite Color?

While you can choose whichever color you like, a popular answer for her favorite color is white. After all, healthy teeth have a white glow, so what better color to see than that?

Q: How Old is the Tooth Fairy?

According to the Chicago Daily Tribune‘s column back in September 1908, she’d be over 100 years old, as this is the first time she has ever been mentioned.

Perhaps teeth have magic in them that can help her age more slowly, and she’s younger. Really, you can make up any age you wish.

Q: How Does the Tooth Fairy Know Teeth Are Ready?

To answer this question, you can create something to give her a signal, such as a tooth fairy door that alerts her.

There’s also a story that says the tooth fairy’s castle has a golden bell that chimes when there’s a lost tooth. Once nighttime hits, she flies to the child’s home as they lay fast asleep to collect the tooth.

Other parents simply say that the tooth fairy has helpers who visit periodically to monitor the child’s oral care habits and they let her know when it’s time to pay a visit.

Ideas for Using Tooth Fairy Names

Rather than waiting for your child to ask, you can tell them the names of the tooth fairy you’ve chosen. This allows you to get a little more creative with your tooth fairy tradition.

Create a Tooth Fairy Door

A tooth fairy door allows the tooth fairy to gain access to your child’s room. Whether you have a special door for each fairy or just one door for one fairy is up to you.

You can get creative and have different colors for each door, depending on the tooth fairy names you assign to each. For one tooth fairy, simply add her name at the top of the door so she knows she’s at the right place.

If you don’t want to create a door, print out a Tooth Fairy Door Hanger instead and add his or her name to the top.

Write the Tooth Fairy a Letter

Rather than having your child simply write, “Dear Tooth Fairy” they can feel even more like they know who they’re talking to.

Once the fairy pays a visit, have her leave a Tooth Fairy Certificate behind.

10 Female Tooth Fairy Names

1. Beagan 

Beagan is a female fairy name of Gaelic origin. It means “little one” which is the perfect description of the small tooth fairy.

2. Elida

Elida, meaning “small winged one” sums up the tooth fairy pretty well. It’s an adorable female name of Gaelic origin that suits well as the name of the tooth fairy.

3. Marilla

If your family lives near the sea, perhaps Marilla is the name of the seaside fairy who pays your child a visit. Meaning “shining sea”, it’s a cute name idea for fairies whose tooth-kingdom is by the ocean.

4. Shailyn

For families who’ve decided that the tooth fairy uses teeth as bricks for her palace, perhaps Shailyn will make her backstory even more legitimate. Shailyn is a name of Gaelic origin meaning “one who is from the fairy palace”.

5. Chepi

If your family has Native American origins, why not name the tooth fairy a name that has the same origin? Chepi is a name of Native American origin that directly translates to “fairy”, making it the perfect addition to your family.

6. Ellie

When children picture the tooth fairy, they may imagine her as a beautiful feminine creature. The name “Ellie” is of Greek origin and means “beautiful fairy woman.”

7. Ilayda

Ilayda is a female name of Turkish origin meaning, “water fairy”. It’s a unique name that may imply that the tooth fairy lives upstream in her tooth castle.

8. Angelica

Angelica is a gorgeous fairy name of Latin origin that means “like an angel”. If your tooth fairy lives in the kingdom in the sky, perhaps she is like an angel.

9. Asteriea

Some stories suggest that the tooth fairy takes the sparkling white teeth and tosses them in the sky to create stars. If this is the story you tell your child, consider the fairy name “Asteriea” which translates to “one who is like a star.”

10. Elvenia

Elvenia is a name of English origin meaning “magical being” or “friend”. The tooth fairy is a magical being who acts as a friend, so this name suits her well.

10 Male Tooth Fairy Names

1. Fossette

Fossette is a masculine name for a boy who has a male tooth fairy. The name “Fossette” is of Old French origin meaning “small cavity” which is a perfect name for a fairy who gathers teeth.

2. Nidaw

For a male fairy of Native American origin, look no further. “Nidaw” is of Omaha Native American origin and means “fairy.”

3. Shea

Shea is a name of Irish origin and can be used for either a boy or a girl fairy. It means “fortunate”, which perfectly describes the tooth fairy’s job.

4. Caspian

For a little boy who lives by the sea, perhaps the tooth fairy who visits him doesn’t live too far away. Caspian means “of the sea” so maybe this particular tooth fairy turns shiny white teeth into pearls.

5. Gary

If your child loves Tinkerbell, then they’ll know exactly who “Fairy Gary” is. Gary is the name of the fairy who looks over Tinkerbell, and it’s possible his own passion is collecting teeth.

6. Cein

“Cein” is a name of Gaelic origin meaning “ancient”. This masculine male name fits right in if your story of the tooth fairy dates back long ago.

7. Brucie

Brucie is a cute gender-neutral fairy name of Scottish origin that translates to “forest fairy”. For families who live near the woods, Brucie may just be a tooth fairy who has a secret kingdom nearby.

8. Nathan

Meaning “he gave”, Nathan makes a great tooth fairy name that could represent the process of giving teeth in exchange for giving money.

9. Jesse

When you think about it, the tooth fairy exchange is much like gift-giving. Your child gives the fairy the gift of a lost tooth, while the fairy gifts money or treats. The name Jesse is of Hebrew origin, meaning “gift” which represents the tooth fairy well.

10. Mason

Mason is a name of French origin meaning “stone maker”. If the tooth fairy takes the teeth back to make stones for his castle, then Mason is a perfectly suited name.

Final Thoughts

The tooth fairy is a magical creature who will make a regular appearance in your kid’s childhood. Children may ask some questions about their new little friend, and by determining tooth fairy names beforehand, you can answer with ease. His or her name can add to the tooth fairy’s personality and make your child feel more connected to their new flying friend.