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Universe Glow Jar *Magical Tutorial* – Universe in a Jar!

Make a universe glow jar with this super easy tutorial! Our galaxy glow-in-the-dark jar is kid-friendly because it uses glow paint instead of glow sticks. It’s so easy to do, and it looks like a universe in a jar!

Galaxy Jars glowing blue and purple in the dark

Universe Glow Jar Tutorial

Also, if you are looking for a Galaxy Jar we have that too! It looks quite a bit different than this one – and it’s just as fabulous!

This tutorial also works as a Fairy Glow Jar, Firefly Jar, or really anything your kids can think of, but I prefer to share with the kids the wonders of all the stars in the sky and it’s also reusable!

Here on MomDot, one of our more popular crafts is our Fairy Jar Tutorial and so we know that you love, love using your imagination with your kids!

And because of this, we wanted to inspire you to create your very own “Universe in a Jar” with them. It’s so easy that your kids can participate in making a glowing jar that looks just like the universe!

Universe in a Jar Directions


TIP: Use Tulip Glow Paint

Tulip Glow Paint in green, white, yellow, orange, and blue plus 3 paintbrushes and a mason jar.

Want the same results that are here in my galaxy jar?

Make sure you pick up the Tulip Glow Paint!

This multi-pack will make sure you have plenty of colors for your jar.

How to Make a Universe Glow Jar

Clean the jar thoroughly and let dry. If you try to make your DIY galaxy glow jar with a wet jar, the paint won’t stick.

Choose a couple of colors you want for your glowing galaxy glow jar and squeeze a bit of each color onto a piece of scrap paper.

The best way to get an even coverage is to dot the paint on with a paintbrush starting at the bottom and working your way up.

A paintbrush with pink glow-in-the-dark paint inside a mason jar filled with dots of paint

A faster way is to shake the paintbrush in the jar to create a splatter paint effect.

Add larger dots for “planets” in your universe. If you want to get creative, make a constellation or a comet!

Let your jar dry in the sun or under a bright light for at least 2 hours to charge the paint.

Turn off the lights and enjoy your beautiful Universe in a Jar – it can be used again and again!

Finished glow-in-the-dark universe jars
Glow-in-the-dark universe jars glowing at night

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Now Hold the Universe in your Hands!


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Tulip Glow paint and a mason jar

FAQs About Universe Jars

Q: Can I use acrylic paint for a universe jar?

A: Yes, you can use any type of glow-in-the-dark paint. 

Q: Does my jar need to have a lid?

A: No, your jar doesn’t need to have a lid. We hang ours outside in the sunshine to charge, so we make sure they have lids to keep bugs out, but it doesn’t affect how well they work.

Q: What size of glass jar do I need to make a universe jar?

A: Any size of clear glass jar will work. This is a perfect project to recycle glass jars! If the jar is too small to reach the brush inside to paint dots, then it’s too small. Otherwise, you can use whatever glass jars you have around.

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