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What the wha???

I cannot tell you how hyped up I am at this note my friend Linda received today from her child’s school.

Her child has to have DOCTORS NOTE to send a packed lunch to school.

And does anyone notice the irony in the “health coordinator” and enforcement of no bagged lunches?


(pic used w/ permission from linda)



So I suppose that sending a note that says “I choose to skip the GMO’s in the lunches you serve for a more balanced and safe diet as the parent of this child” doesn’t suffice?

This is almost as bad as our schools policies to serve Lemonade and Nachos or Ice cream during Charlotte’s P.E. classes every week.


Homeschooling is looking better and better every day.




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  1. I’m not sure where “Linda” lives but the state of Missouri has been enforcing this for several years. I send meats, fruits, and veggies for my child, no sugar or processed foods. My child was eating an avocado and sweet potato for snack while the other children ate store bought granola bars full of sugar and chemicals. The state inspector said my child was malnourished because he wasn’t eating a grain and she would report me to child services if I didn’t send a doctor’s note that stated the specific medical issues that made it necessary for my child to eat food other than what is served at the daycare. The daycare can serve frozen chicken nuggets, fish sticks, canned fruit & veggies, cookies, etc. but when I send fresh whole foods I am going to be reported to child services? This had nothing to do with a federal programs, it is a very old policy driven by the state. I contacted the state department responsible for this and they offered 2 solutions, either send my child to a non-licensed daycare or have the doctor specify exactly what my child is not allowed to eat and why. The doctor’s note also had to include the doctor’s permission for my child to eat food I prepared. SERIOUSLY? Then each time the facility is inspected they make me go get more documentation from the doctor so my child can eat healthy food instead of the processed crap the school serves. I go thru the trouble of getting the notes and documentation and cooking breakfast, lunch, and snack every night to send to school the following day because I care what my child eats. Please don’t tell me to send my kid to another daycare because we interviewed 20+ childcare facilities and NONE of them serve fresh real food but they all meet the state guidelines. It makes me sick!!

    • Gail Egnatz-Gabel says:

      I’m retired, I don’t have children, but just reading what you wrote…makes me fuming mad!!! What the hell has happened to our country? It’s turned into a giant cluster f*ck!

  2. some of these comments are so idiotic, I’m dumbfounded.
    Some of you think the government is caring about the health of children??
    They’ve approved Gmo’s and have foods here that are banned in other countries. The FDA doesn’t care about the health of anyone.
    And I’m sure the reason the mom had her daughter bring a bagged lunch in the first place because she cares about her child’s health and is not willing to let whomever feed whatever to her child.

  3. “Astonished at such idiotness” above…..

    I am more astonished at such idiocy you display. Wake up everyone. Freedom isn’t free, and it’s an illusion anymore anyway.

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