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What the wha???

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I cannot tell you how hyped up I am at this note my friend Linda received today from her child’s school.

Her child has to have DOCTORS NOTE to send a packed lunch to school.

And does anyone notice the irony in the “health coordinator” and enforcement of no bagged lunches?


(pic used w/ permission from linda)



So I suppose that sending a note that says “I choose to skip the GMO’s in the lunches you serve for a more balanced and safe diet as the parent of this child” doesn’t suffice?

This is almost as bad as our schools policies to serve Lemonade and Nachos or Ice cream during Charlotte’s P.E. classes every week.


Homeschooling is looking better and better every day.





27.7K Amazing Shares Facebook 27.3K Pin It Share 68 Twitter 257 Google+ 75 StumbleUpon 32 Email -- 27.7K Amazing Shares ×


  1. What is school district?

  2. rogerpedactor says:

    and everyone must have missed that part of the note. SPECIFIC DIET! who knows what this mother has sent with her child. Probably one of those jerry springer trailer park trash moms. we dont know the full story

  3. Why did you redact the names of the guilty school officials? How about those nice folks taking personal responsibility for their insanity?

  4. Thanks to all the work of the librals!!

  5. This is what socialism and big government is all about! We are a community and it’s no longer about the individual. Government does NOT know best. It is MY child. Mine! Don’t buy into the hype that it takes a village to raise a child. This is the kind of village they want for our kids? a village that is run by government?
    We are now global citizens, no longer independent with a cookie cutter education one size fits all. It is not OUR children it is MY child. The government is slowly taking control of our children and undermining our authority over our own children.

    • rogerpedactor says:

      This is not socialism. Because even in canada (socialist country) allows, guns, encourages organic foods, taxes the rich more than the poor and helps everyone to get work and off the streets doesnt do what we do. So for you to say socialism is what this is, that is total horsepoop!

      It is a communism. Not socialism. Country.

      I rather live in socialist than democratic or republican. Because both parties over the generations have destroyed our nation. Freedom is a latent word sugarcoated for the dumb. There is too much freedom, that means corporations can tax hike and raise product prices all they want (this creates a problem), freedom needs cap and needs to be governed with righteous people.

      The constitution doesnt always work in favor of people. all it does now is create a world of assholes who feel they can do whatever they want.

      Anyways. that school that said this about the letter, is all fake. there is no documentation except what is shown here and anyone can post anything they want and scare others
      That is the other issue with total freedom

      Freedom needs to be governed sorry. I never thought i would say that being a conservative republican, now an independent.

      God speed, this nation is falling apart because of idiots and liberal elite

  6. Let me preface this by assuming they are feeding the child a healthy meal while at school and hopefully the ice cream sandwich’s are a treat once in a while. If not my entire statement is completely null and void and should be avoided at all costs Unfortunately, many parents in this country have no idea how to raise a child. None at all. They think it is some sort of teddy bear. Many are also do not make enough to buy good healthy foods (which is ridiculous as fresh fruits, vegetables, and lean meats should cost much less than anything in a box with 50 plus ingredients, gotta love GMO) Thus when they are at a federally funded head start program they do not want a child coming to school with a Mountain dew and a Lunchable everyday because it is dirt cheap and super easy to give to the kid. Unfortunately, this is what it has come down to in this pig stye we call America, shit food, as cheap as possible, loaded with chemicals and GMO’s, and individuals who are not fit to even care for their own needs raising 2, 3, 4, kids. If you are not going to take responsibility for you kid and provide at least 1 nutritious meal per day during the school week someone else will. Of course, the ultimate solution to this issue is to have prospective parents need to get license proving that they have a steady adequate income, can and will provide for their child’s needs, have health insurance, and have a roof over their heads. Then and only then can they have children. Then the federal government would not need to step in. Of course this a pipe dream and we are just going to continue on this path of self destruction cause’ hey its the American Way.

  7. All daycares and preschools are going to the fed food program – even those that do not take welfare vouchers as payment. So even though my kid isn’t on welfare she goes to a school that gets the “healthy food” fed funding – and not only is my kid not on welfare but the preschool doesn’t even accept welfare payments (here it is child care vouchers.) That being said- you’re right – I could pull my kid out of preschool, but because I’m a single mom I would have to quit working and then I would have to be on welfare….so she eats whatever they feed her.

  8. this is outrageous! but i see an easy solution…if you have a doc that you frequently ask for a non descriptive note to allow bag lunches but not why, signed with his/her signature and phone number. This has to work because of HIPPA/privacy law. The doc cant give out any extra info even if the schools calls and if they do receive a call they can simply state “due to hippa concerns blah blah blah”

    • The problem is that she even has to get a doctors permission to do it. It is absolutely insane!!!! The parent should have the ultimate say in what is being fed to the child not the doctor!!!!

      • rogerpedactor says:

        Yes, the parents do need to. But look at it with both eyes open for a moment.

        Not all parents feed their kids proper foods.
        If they take the notion “thats our child we can give him/her whatever we want”, and kid shows up with lunchables or some pizza everyday and HFC aspartame crap, in many eyes they are doing it wrong and the child unknowingly suffers, they need to put it to a stop.

        Schools should have certified nutritionists in the lunch rooms inspecting foods, making sure they are GMO garbage. This way the government stays out of the way, the parents are not threatened, and the kids can grow up healthy and happy because that is the realization of having a kid. Making sure they get the best treatment possible.

        If gov has to intervene oh well. This letter is also half ass, how do we know another letter wasnt sent saying, your child is not getting nutrition with the peanut butter jelly sandwhiches or high sodium lunch meat you keep sending with them?

        It’s time for these wacko conspiracy theorists and these parents on here thinking they can do or say whatever they want, to get a grip and realize it from both sides.


  9. Looks like (at the least) time to find another preschool. :-(

  10. Yet more tyranny. While we were sleeping, they came and took it all away. This is a bad journey, and I tell you, it leads to a Fascistic Police State. We swallowed the government fairy tales about JFK, MLK, and RFK. We swallowed OKC in ’95. We swallowed 911 in ’01. We swallowed Banghazi. We swallowed all the staged shootings. Now, we’ve positively convinced them that they can get away with anything. And so they will try.

    We chose to be in arrested development, and to know everything about football, baseball, basketball, and American ‘Idle.’

    This is only the beginning. You wouldn’t believe what they have planned next.

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