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How to make a Tulle Pom Pom Ball

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How to make a tulle pom pom ball for wands…otherwise known as, “how to make a cat toy” in my house.

I made a tulle wand the other day and I was going to give it to my friend Kims daughter, but she is pretty young and if she were to pull the pins out, it could mean a dangerous situation. Not wanting to responsible for my best friends child’s untimely death by lace pin, I decided to get to work on a tulle ball tutorial for all those in the same situation.

Except instead of a tulle wand, I’m going to turn my example into a cat toy for Gwen.

It could also be used for hair puff pony-o’s, cheer-leading pom poms, decorative shirt..um…decorations. Earrings? OK, that’s too far and way too 80′s.

Here is your How To Make a Tulle Ball {So you can still give it to the baby girl/kitten in your life} tutorial:

1) First you have to decide the size of your tulle ball. I took out a glass from my kitchen since I was making this for my kitten, and traced the edges on an old used shipping box I had laying around.

2) After tracing, I used a straight razor and cut the circles, including a smaller circle in the middle so it has an appearance of a doughnut. To be honest, I didn’t take care to make this perfect, so don’t kill yourself over it.

3) Take a string, twine, or whatever you want to use to tie the middle with. I had ribbon laying around, so I used a nice skinny ribbon. They have some really strong materials on the market if you are using your pom pom ball for something that needs to hold up long term.

4) Make a loop as if you are tying it and lay it between your 2 doughnut pieces. Its considered the cream now. Sandwich it up.

Ribbon cream.

(this is a real professional tut isn’t it)

5) Moving on to your tulle. My pom pom was going to be small since it was for a kitten toy, so I took about a yard of tulle and started wrapping. Just put your piece through the middle hole and then wrap around through the hole and back out again, round and round till its filled up.

6) Take a pair of crafting scissors and cut the outside of the tulle now around the entire thing. Take care not to cut your middle string if its sticking out somewhere.

Trust me, I cut mine.

7) Once the tulle is cut, you will have two distinct sides. You separate a little bit and you should see your string/ribbon/twine in the middle. This is where you tie that sucker up TIGHT in a knot.

8 ) Then pull off your cardboard sides and you will be left with a puffy ball.

9) Just trim your tulle ball up so the tulle is even and mush it around so your string is covered

10) Now you can attach it to whatever you want. Rules on attachment are going to depend on the craft you are making. In my house….well, it was just a cat toy.

So take it and throw!

Happy Kitten:

Btw, if you do want to make a cat toy, getting some crinkle paper or ribbon and wrapping around would also make it a ton of fun for a cat!

I’m going to test it out some other ideas and I’ll post an update when I have it.


152K Amazing Shares Facebook 70 Pin It Share 1.5K Twitter 10 Google+ 7 StumbleUpon 150.4K Email -- 152K Amazing Shares ×


  1. thank you ever so much for this, my cat has something like it that came in her stocking a few years ago and it is her favorite! we call it her too too and she is always loosing it under something… what I love is if she can reach it she picks it up in her mouth and brings it back near us to play with her again… I will be looking for colourful tulle next time I am in the fabric store… thank you again x

  2. Thank you so much for posting, I am making over one hundred for my wedding and my kitties like them too. Very to the point directions, which I need! :)

  3. Oh, our new kittens would have so much fun with these! I made them some little toys out of leftover fabric and they have a blast with them. I just might try this tutorial soon – thanks!

  4. Thank you so much! I have been wondering forever how to make these! Love your photos, btw…and the kitty is adorable!

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