Chili Chicken Salad Sandwich

You must settle an argument between my spouse and I. He thinks this sandwich is “OK” and I think its fantastic. Light, nearly guilt free, and just the right amount of crunch to do a dance on your palette, I really enjoy a sandwich that isn’t just some sad turkey slapped on a bun every … Read more

Chocolate Banana Pops!

Last night I wanted to do something to clear out left over sprinkles in the cupboard. You know how you go through the pantry and have  jars of spices and sprinkles and they all have about a half an inch of leftovers? That’s me…but I have about 14 jars like that. So last night, while … Read more

Strawberry Chambord Sherbert

There are few things I like more in this world than summer. And in summer all things good happen. Picnics, BBQ’s, and if you are lucky, lots and lots of tantalizing, yummy, indulgent desserts. Like this one… Inspired by the Strawberry Buttermilk Sherbet recipe in the Cooking Light magazine, here is a tasty way to … Read more

If you were at my house…

  If you were at my house..we would defeat this pan together. Remember my caketastrophe? Pan = 1 Trisha = 1   Like I said…if you were at my house, we could be sharing this right now! Btw, that’s my only slice…I cut up the entire thing and took to three of my neighbors’ houses. … Read more

Use Tinfoil to Create a Heart for Cupcakes and Muffins

This weekend we made these scrumptious strawberry cupcakes. The recipe I was using had them in the shape of hearts and I didn’t have a heart cupcake tin. Poop. I generally have to do things the “old fashioned” way. That usually translates to me being too cheap to buy the right pan. Anyhoo. Here is a little … Read more

Jelly Bean Bark Candy Recipe

Jelly Bean Bark, a great way to incorporate left over Easter Jelly Beans, is a super easy kid friendly recipe that takes your jelly beans and wraps them up in white melty chocolate. I can’t say that I love Jelly Beans. I can’t even say that I like Jelly Beans. But there is something about … Read more

Dinner is better with Bread. And Cheese. And Bacon.

I like to try a lot of recipes. Thankfully stumble, Pinterest, facebook, and twitter have put millions of recipes at my fingertips to try, to love…. to screw up. So earlier this week I found this recipe for crack bread and honestly I liked the way it looked. It was pretty for a bunch of … Read more

Olive Garden Copy Cat Recipe Salad Dressing

I am big on copycat recipes. I love the salad dressings at restaurants, the special sauces, the breads, the dipping, and all the fresh spices! I am a decent cook (not so much in the baking department) but I can cook up a mean piece of chicken if I feel like it. The other night … Read more