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Three Free Christmas Printables: With Buffalo Plaid!

Buffalo plaid (also known as buffalo check) is all the rage right now. No one says “all the rage” anymore do they? Can we make that a thing? Can we make that come back, please? I love that phrase.

Anyway, buffalo plaid is in. And I am positively loving it. This year is proving very difficult in the Christmas decorating department. I have 2 one-year-olds and you don’t even have to really use your imagination to conjure up an idea of what they could do with Christmas decorations. I have visions of them scaling the Christmas tree to explore the star on top. No joke.

So this year, against my beliefs and my heart’s desire, I’ve decided to not go all out in my decorating. Usually, I have two trees up in my home, stockings hung, lights galore, every table/dresser/countertop covered in decorations.

This year I’m keeping it very simple. At first, I fought the idea, but I’ve kind of warmed up to it now. I think it’ll be fun to keep things low-key and choose very carefully what I use to decorate my home. And the thing at the very top of that list is the printables I made for you today using buffalo plaid.

The very theme that I’m going with this year in my decorating is what I love about these printables: simplicity. They are simple colors, simple silhouettes, yet they really make a statement. The other thing that I love about them is that they actually work well with so many different Christmas motifs. While I’m leaning towards simple, low-key colors and decorations, these printables are great for bright, vibrant decorations as well. Steph can attest to this. When I sent her the file she immediately printed it out and put it out with her decorations. The printable fits perfectly with them!

As mentioned, I’ve got three different options for you. I couldn’t create just one! While you can print just your favorite one, I also envisioned the three of them set up somewhere, complimenting each other with the rest of the decorations.

Option #1: Reindeer

Click here to print out the Reindeer.

Option #2: Merry Christmas

Click here to print out Merry Christmas.

Option #3: Christmas Tree

Click here to print out the Christmas Tree.

Quick hack for using printables

First, everyone has different printers, settings, preferences, etc. but I’ve tried to make my printables work for what the majority of people are using as their settings at home. Which means you shouldn’t need to do anything special when you print. Just open the PDF and click print.

Second, the printable is sized as an 8×10 in order to fit beautifully into an 8×10 picture frame. But it will print out on an 8.5×11 paper. So you may have to do some trimming.

While you could go to the trouble of measuring it all out, or even the opposite and just eyeball it (please don’t!) I like to just use the glass in my frame as my guide.

Place the glass on top of your printed picture. Use a pencil to lightly trace around the edges.

Next, use a paper cutter (or scissors if you don’t have access to a paper cutter) to trim away the excess.

Your paper should now fit perfectly inside your frame!

I’m so excited for you to try out these buffalo plaid printables for Christmas and would LOVE to see pictures of how you use them with your Christmas decorations! Leave a comment here, on Facebook or Instagram, or tag us in your own post!

“Plaid” tidings of joy to you!


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  1. I absolutely LOVE the Holiday printouts and patterns. Thanks for making the printing so easy to do! I normally have such a difficult time printing bloggers offers. Have a Lovely Holiday.

    • I’m so glad you love them! And especially that it was so easy for you to print. Happy holidays to you as well!

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