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Brain Dead Slime Starch DIY : How to make FREAKY Halloween Slime with No Borax

Brain Dead Slime, an awesome slime recipe to make freaky Halloween slime with glue and no borax. Get ready for some serious Halloween fun and playful decor by making a touchable, disgusting, Halloween appropriate Brain in a jar! Fun for the mad scientist, zombie or just plain Halloween enthusiast, you and your kids will both get a kick out this tutorial.

How to make FREAKY Halloween Slime with No Borax

Halloween is the best time of the year for crafting and decor and I wanted to remind you that while summer slime is gone, Halloween slime has just begun! There is no better time of the year to get the gross out and creating this brain dead slime is just part of that.

This saline slime recipe is perfect for displaying in beakers, having some sensory fun, or just grossing out your kids. I love adding a squishy brain to a beaker and adding clear or almost clear slime that envelopes the brain and leaves a mad scientist look. What is really fun is to use this as an under the table “guess what it is” Halloween game. Between the brain and the slime, its going to freak kids out and no one will get it! Making slime is super easy and there are tons of kinds to make. If you are not sure how to make slime, I have a lot of slime tutorials here you can look over. From saline slime to fluffy slime, the choice is yours!

Brain Dead Halloween Slime

Start with your clear glue. Pour approximately 1 cup of your glue in a bowl. We wing this and do not measure, its not important to be perfect when it comes to making slime. I say the more homemade slime, the better, so we often pour LARGE bowls. This is something you can do have you master slime making.

Now add saline solution – start with approx 1 tablespoon and stir.

The slime will start to form.

You can adjust the amount of saline solution you add to make it more or less sticky. We were pretty happy with our dripping slime but in this case, to make it more solid, we also added a bit of liquid starch.

The liquid starch will take your perfectly clear glue and make it a bit cloudy.

The more starch you add, the less sticky your slime will be.

Start at 1 tablespoon of starch and go up slowly, making sure you knead your slime all the way through before adding more.

Once your slime is done, add a toy brain to a beaker and drop your slime on it!

You can push your squishy brain up to the beaker side to see more of the brain.

There are so many ways to freak out with this slime.


If you double your batch, its so easy to make Roach Slime, which is a gross Halloween slime as well! Just head over to see where we got our roaches and how we put together this nasty roach slime.

Brain Dead Slime : How to make FREAKY Halloween Slime | Halloween Decor

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