My New Discount Tempurpedic Mattress

No sweeter words in the human language then “new mattress” or rather discount tempurpedic mattress. A million years ago we bought a new mattress. I think it was at our first tour duty, so more like 8.5 years ago, but it feels like a million. It was a standard $800 pillow top. I cannot honestly … Read more

Sleep Number Mattress: FAIL!

Today I woke up from another bad night of sleep and decided that’s it. We are going to find a new mattress. The past two mattresses we have purchased have been great in the beginning and then wear out to dips. It basically makes for cracks in your back and tossing and turning. We knew … Read more

Islands of Adventure or Universal Studios ?

I think I am turning into a travel blogger…Universal Studios, Medieval Times, The Biltmore, Disney, and an upcoming cruise in November. Whew. But it all started with Universal Studios. A few weeks back my dad and I went down to the Tampa area for the opening of the football season and took an extra day … Read more

Medieval Times (and some tips!)

A few weeks ago my dad (yes, my dad, not my child) and I went to Medieval Times on our trip into Orlando. What can I say; we are kids at heart. I have been there many times before, but it never fails to be a blast. If you have never been to Medieval Times, … Read more

Thomas the Train at Action Canyon

We all know how much fun it is to play with trains. From little kids to big kids, to even adults, trains hold a  sense of imagination and fun that modern day electronic toys just cant master.  One of Charlotte’s first “big” toys at Christmas was a train set. Unfortunately for us, it bit the … Read more

Breastfeeding……..(i am SO in trouble here)

abf anr relationship I am going to go ahead and put a disclaimer on here that this really has nothing to do with breastfeeding. It just started that way. Over on the MomDot forum we got into a discussion about a woman breastfeeding a 10 year old. Everyone has been very honest and polite in … Read more

How to start a Boutique online

How to start an online boutique Domain Names and Design It’s very important to come up with a good website name. Something that you can not only relate to, but that’s easy to remember, easy to type, and something that cant be mixed up with another moms site or product. In addition to that, naming … Read more