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Nutter Butter Ghoulish Ghosts

With just three simple ingredients you can make the cutest little ghoulish ghosts to kick off this Halloween season!

Be honest, who else misses the old school days of simple, homemade Halloween costumes? My mom is an amazing seamstress and could quickly whip up a cute witch’s costume (complete with Witches Broom) when I was young with a yard of fabric, some thread, and a little glitter glue (for some cute, not creepy, spider webs all over the outside of the cape). Of course where I grew up Halloween usually involved snow, so my mom was great at making those witches capes oversized, so we could fit all of our snow gear underneath!

Oh the good old days. I get nostalgic just thinking about those witch costumes and also the quintessential ghost costumes using nothing but a white sheet with some cut-out eyes. Aren’t they the cutest? And that’s exactly what these Nutter Butter Ghoulish Ghosts remind me of. They’re darling ghosts that are, dare I say, just as easy to put together as the fabric costume of yesteryear, or this adorable Cotton Ball Ghost Craft!

One of the best parts about these easy-to-make ghosts (they’re even easier than the PB Oreo Truffles!) is that they don’t need to look perfect to get the idea across, so your kids (and you!) will have a great time making them together, without the stress of trying to make them look just right. So let’s get started.


  • Nutter Butters
  • Mini chocolate chips
  • White melting wafers or almond bark


Lay out sheets of wax or parchment paper on a cookie sheet or countertop. Have your package of Nutter Butters and mini chocolate chips open and ready to use.

Pour the white chocolate melting wafers into the top pot of a double boiler. You can also pour them into a bowl and use the microwave to melt the wafers if you do not have a double boiler, but I personally like using a double boiler. I think it more easily, and evenly, melts the wafers.  

Helpful hint: You want to melt the wafers slowly, over very low heat, to help it stay at its smoothest consistency. It’s also incredibly important to not get ANY moisture in the pot with your wafers.

As soon as the wafers are completely melted and smooth remove the pot from the heat. You’re ready to start dipping your Nutter Butters.

This is the fun part because it’s so easy even my six-year-old daughter became a pro. Simply hold the edge of a Nutter Butter by your finger tips, dip it down into the white melted chocolate and swirl just a bit to get good coverage. Then remove from the melted chocolate and tip the Nutter Butter up in the other direction, so the white drizzles down towards the bottom of the Nutter Butter. It’ll be uneven, which is perfect, since you’re going for that homemade ghost costume look.

Then place your white–covered ghost on the wax paper. Immediately place two mini chocolate chips right where you want the eyes to be. My kids had fun experimenting to find the best placement for the eyes: up high, down low, wide set, or close together.

Then just continue that process with as many Nutter Butters as you’d like.

Helpful hint: Do not try to remove the ghosts from the wax paper until they have completely hardened. If you remove them too soon, most of the white will remain stuck to the wax paper. If you wait patiently for them to dry, they will easily leave the paper with no residue left behind!

And that’s it! 


Have a taste of your *cough, cough* hard work. Then you can gather what’s left of the ghoulish ghosts you’ve just made and use them for classroom treats, dessert for a Halloween party, or put a few in a tin tied with a bow and give them to a neighbor. Bonus points if you or your children dress up as a ghost to deliver them!