Pumpkin Pie: A Mini Version

I know, I know. Another pie post? But really, did you not believe me the first two times when I told you my family takes their pie very seriously? You might remember me mentioning something about the extra-large variety of pies we have for our Thanksgiving dinner. With that comes a bit of a conundrum. … Read more

Pilgrim Popcorn: Sweet and Salty Perfection


Did any of you watch Looney Tunes when you were younger? My siblings and I did ALL. THE. TIME. I haven’t watched them in years but there’s a few that remain in my memory. One of those cartoons is called “The Hardship of Miles Standish”. It stars Elmer Fudd. It’s a gag of the poem “The … Read more

Paradise Pie: A Slice of Chocolate Chip Heaven

chocolate chip

And just like that Halloween is over and it’s on to one of my favorite holidays – Thanksgiving!!! As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m on the hunt for some new pie recipes to add to my family’s collection for Thanksgiving dessert.  Now I’m sure when you think pie the first thing that comes … Read more

Cinnamon Pie: Sure To Become A Classic

cinnamon pie

It’s getting to be that time of year, where pie making is going to be in full swing soon. Everyone has their tried and true recipes but I’ve been anxious to experiment with a few new ones to make for this year’s festivities. My family is known for our variety of pies at Thanksgiving dinner. Traditional … Read more

Pumpkin Patch Cupcakes

I remember the first time I went to a pumpkin patch. It’s easy to recall because it was only four years ago! I attended a field trip with my daughter and discovered how charming a pumpkin patch can be. We loved walking through fields, inspecting all the different sizes and shapes of pumpkins, and then … Read more

Nutter Butter Mummies – Frightfully Easy To Make!

Grab a few items from your pantry, use the tools you have on hand, follow this simple recipe, and you’ll be making adorable mummies in minutes! You’ll love how frightfully easy they are! Alright, I’ll just admit it right now: I’m a scaredy-cat. Always have been and probably always will be. Even though I love … Read more

Nutter Butter Ghoulish Ghosts

With just three simple ingredients you can make the cutest little ghoulish ghosts to kick off this Halloween season! Be honest, who else misses the old school days of simple, homemade Halloween costumes? My mom is an amazing seamstress and could quickly whip up a cute witch’s costume (complete with Witches Broom) when I was … Read more

Reindeer Poop Recipe : Easy Cookies!

Reindeer poop cookies are an easy, delicious (Really!) dessert that is perfect for the holiday season. Kids will get a kick out of making reindeer poop balls but do not let the name fool you. The mixture of chocolate and rice krispies is a oh so good and perfect way to spend a cold winters night. … Read more

25 Explosive 4th of July Ideas

25 EXPLOSIVE 4TH OF JULY IDEAS I love that holidays have the possibility to be felt. We have holidays of all feelings: The excitement with mingled fear of a good scare/scream on Halloween; humbling gratitude of Thanksgiving, inducing us to look with an appreciating eye at all we have; quiet peace of Christmas, prompting us to … Read more

Red, White, and Blue Pizza Recipe

With Memorial Day and July 4th coming up shortly, I wanted to make a Red, White, and Blue Pizza Recipe. A challenge if you will! Do you know how many foods are red, white, and blue?? I went through a wide range of failed red, white and blue cupcakes, strawberry cake (total icing disaster) and … Read more

Red, White, and Blue S’mores

RED, WHITE, AND BLUE S’MORES: Fire not necessary! Now that summer is quickly approaching, there are tons of celebrations to be had…Mothers’ Day, Father’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July…my birthday. Ok, so I threw that last one in there, but it counts in SOMEONE’S world, am I right? So, today, in celebration of nothing … Read more

Star Spangled Pudding Parfait Recipe

This post is in partnership with TruMoo With summer starting (for us) tomorrow we can officially kick off all the amazing plans we have the next three months of vacation. Much of that includes the pool, tons of outdoor time, cooking, crafts and camp, but it also is as great time to make sure that … Read more

Lofthouse Cookies Recipe for Sweet Valentine’s Day Cookies

Make this copycat Lofthouse cookies recipe for delicious soft valentines day cookies topped with homemade frosting. Decorate to your hearts desire for this perfect sweetheart holiday and pass with a tin as a perfect homemade recipe this season. Or even better, give out some samples and attach the recipe with our free lofthouse cookie recipe … Read more