Acorn Treat Recipe with Nutter Butters and Hersheys

Acorn Treats, how to create yummy acorn snacks to give away at Thanksgiving, plus where to find this adorable treatbag!

Wowee, Y’all, its November 5th and the year is almost over! It seems like January was JUST here and now its just around the corner. I think I am totally understanding that “my life is flashing before my eyes” thing now. Maybe sometime after 30 it really does. In any case the beauty of the … Read more

Cemetery Dirt Cups with Candy Zombies; Halloween Party Idea

Cemetery Dirt Cups with Candy Zombies is an easy Halloween Party Idea! Find out how to make these kid friendly and party approved desserts, perfect for a fun holiday treat this Halloween.  Cemetery Dirt Cups with Candy Zombies Looking for a Halloween party idea that kids will love? These cemetery dirt cups are it! No … Read more

Candy Cane Jello Dessert Minis

Candy Cane Jello Dessert Minis is a striking dessert that looks complicated but instead is as simple as stirring and pouring! The baking season may be coming to a close but it’s not done yet, so before we go from the sweets and treats to the jogging around the block, I have a fantastic recipe … Read more

Christmas Tree Brownies: Baking up Holiday Fun

Best part of the holidays? Baking of course! Around here, at least on the weekends when everyone is home and wandering the house on Saturday, we find things to occupy our time. And because it’s the biggest holiday of the year in our house, so many of those hours are spent baking and decorating. As … Read more

Edible Chocolate Shot glasses with Egg Nog

Edible Chocolate Shot glasses with Egg Nog: Turn up your Holiday Chances are you have at least one party to go to or to host and you may be looking for something extra special to bring. Or maybe you are just in the holiday spirit in your own home and seeing Egg Nog on the … Read more

Mini Mummy Pizza with English Muffins

Halloween is hands down one of my very favorite holidays for food and crafts both. Between marbling a pumpkin, creating Frankenstein handprints, and of course, scary apple bites, there are chances for unlimited creativity this month. That being said, sometimes it’s hard to find non-candy options that bring Halloween into the everyday, which is why I … Read more

Unicorn Poop Layered Parfait Panna Cotta Dessert

This unicorn poop parfait is actually made with sweetened condensed milk and jello gelatin so while it looks like pudding, it really is more reminiscent of a panna cotta! Jello cups are so fun to make and work in every type of dessert situation. By simply changing the color and flavor, you can have red … Read more

Pumpkin Spiced Caramel Pretzel Cookies

Pumpkin Spiced Caramel Crunchies! Delicious mini cookies made with pretzels and caramel, making every bite filled with holiday and fun. Scroll below to get this super simple tutorial on how to make these little cookie treats this season. So fun for kids!  Halloween has always been my favorite holiday of the year. As a kid, … Read more

Cranberry Blueberry Sauce Recipe

best cranberry sauce recipe, Cranberry Blueberry Sauce Recipe

This Cranberry Blueberry Sauce Recipe is first and foremost easy. But second, its so delicious you will find yourself over the pot begging for a taste! As a side dish, delightful, but as a topping for your pie? Irresistible. For the longest time I thought I hated cranberries. I could I love them? They … Read more

Christmas Deviled Eggs that WOW

A few years ago we made these beautiful Dyed Deviled eggs for Easter and I had quite forgotten about them. Till this week. I had purchased some food dye for icing and it was laying on the counter. I don’t know how memories worked, but I walked by and a spark went off. I decided … Read more

Apple Pie a la Mode Recipe: Perfection!

Best Apple Pie Recipe, serve with caramel and vanilla ice cream, get a step by step easy pie recipe for holiday

I have a confession to make- I have never baked an apple pie before today. Its something I have wanted to do but my Mother in Law does such a spectacular job baking them that I defer to her every holiday. Today, however, I decided to attempt apple pie with an Apple Pie A La Mode … Read more

BLT Dip Recipe With Sour Cream and Bacon!

appetizer dip recipe BLT easy!

5 Minute BLT Dip is a perfect cold dip made with sour cream, mayo and of course topped with bacon and tomatoes! This under 5 minute prep dip will be on your table in no time and is a great compliment to a buffalo chicken dip and football spread. BLT Dip Recipe WOOT WOOT! The … Read more