Beach Themed Ornaments DIY

As a beach girl living on the Gulf Coast, I could not resist having some beach-y themed decor this year. I mean, hello. You remember my sons room, right? But instead of buying some (and there are cute ones!) Charlotte and I decided to ruin my dining room floor with fine grain sand and hot … Read more

Flight of the Navigator and Princess Bride

Just wanted to share a few photos (that you may have already seen on my facebook!) from Halloween last night. We had a great time and our neighborhood was so considerate with all the kids. They handed out chips, pretzels, candy, sports balls for the boys, trinkets, tiaras, stickers, fruit chews, full sized candy bars… … Read more

How to make a flip book for your toddler

How to make a flip book | Toddler Flip Book Tutorial | Adorable Toddler Activity

How to make a flip book for your toddler, child, or even to keep as a memory. This easy to create flip book can be made in minutes at home and require nothing more than a little bit of time, some photos, and an idea. You can even make a flip book with leaves or … Read more

How to make a Fairy Wand

How to Make a Fairy Wand (DIY) Tutorial I have always wanted to Make a Fairy Wand (and you can now check out my how to make a tulle wand tutorial), but not the usual kind of puff ball fairy wand, something different, more creative. Today I decided to get my craft on and started … Read more

DIY at Home Baby Lock

Today while I was fixing my hair (yes, we still do that on occasion, right moms?) Phoenyx kept opening the cabinets. He would open, I would close. Open. Close.  While I do have “child locks” on several of the cabinets (chemicals, etc) I haven’t gotten around to locking EVERYTHING up. Quite honestly, its a pain … Read more

DIY Easy Tissue Paper Flower Tutorial

The other day my friend Lynsey and I were out at the cupcake shop drooling over some cupcakes and I noticed this really adorable table top tissue flower decor:   Cute, right? So we headed over to Micheal’s and picked up some tissue paper so I could attempt a similar craft at home. What I … Read more

Pretty Polka Dot

This hairbow holder is made of flannel and has very light and hard to see mini polka dots in light green and pink, just like the tulle. It remained a favorite on Bambina Ballerina till we closed!

Funky Flirty Hairbow Holder

To create this funky and flirty tutu hairbow holder, you need a variety of hot colored tulles, some crazy flowers, gorgeous neon wings, and don’t forget a hot pink criss cross for your extra hair ribbons! While you cannot buy this bowholder anymore, you can make it on your own with my free instructions!

Bowholder care

Please note that bowholders are meant to keep bows safe from little hands, therefore should be hung where children cannot play with or touch holders. While they are safe if they fall off the wall (not heavy), they are delicate and are not children’s items. They are meant for mom to keep from spending countless … Read more

Fairytopia tutu bow holders

Fairytopia bowholders are my favorite kinda to make! As the original ballerina tutu queen online many, (many) years ago, I was also the first to do this idea. Although wings are hard to ship if you are going into crafting as a business, they are completly worth the beauty of them!

Hairbow holder Inspiration

You can easily add wings to your tutu hairbow holders by picking them up at Hobby Lobby in the birthday section, or even ordering from places like Dress up Wholesale. Check out some of my past designs! I hope they inspire you to pick up some fairy wings and make your ballerina bow holder into … Read more

Headband holder

When you are making your tutu hairbow holder, don’t forget to add your headband holder as well if your princess wears them! You can learn how to make your own headband holder by following my free instructions here: How to make a tutu hairbow holder (step #1, bodice) Free Tutu Hairbow holder Tutorial (step #2, … Read more

Tutu Hairbow Holders

Hairbow holders for your Prima Ballerina. One of a kind and tutu hairbow holders, Bambina Ballerina has been featured all over the United States in boutiques and upscale shops. Hang your bows with pride, Get your oohs and ahhs from friends, and find a unique and long lasting way to keep your bows off the … Read more

How to make a tutu chandelier

Tutu Beading

In my never ending quest to use up all the tulle in my house without making another no sew tutu, I decided to make some hanging decor. Namely…a tutu chandelier. I am not saying this craft turned out perfect. I think I have a long way to go in figuring out exactly all the details … Read more