Acorn Treat Recipe with Nutter Butters and Hersheys

Acorn Treats, how to create yummy acorn snacks to give away at Thanksgiving, plus where to find this adorable treatbag!

Wowee, Y’all, its November 5th and the year is almost over! It seems like January was JUST here and now its just around the corner. I think I am totally understanding that “my life is flashing before my eyes” thing now. Maybe sometime after 30 it really does. In any case the beauty of the … Read more

Campfire Handprint Art Free Printable

I adore handprint art around here! Handprint art is easy, fun, and allows your kids to be totally creative~! In the interest of the upcoming holiday and the many camping trips so many families are taking right now, I wanted to share a Campfire Handprint idea that is great for kids (and adults) of all … Read more

How to make a Cinnamon Stick Star Ornament

For all you 5 minute “non crafters” that still love to hand make items- I have a fantastically easy Christmas Ornament craft for you! I swear. Easy. If you can use a glue gun, you can do this. Now I know we are still quite a few weeks out from the ho-ho-ho-holiday, but the time is … Read more

Paper Plate Turkey Craft: Place Setting

Leaf Turkey Place Setting DIY, Craft up an adorable way for Thanksgiving Seating

OOH, its this week! Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving! If you are like me the Turkey is on serious defrost mode and all your groceries are piling up on the counter begging to be made. I also must admit that I am on “dinner avoidance mode” since I know I will be cooking for 2 days straight, … Read more

Thankful Treat Jars for Dogs DIY

Every year, every day, every minute I have a lot to be thankful for. My amazing spouse, my healthy children, my annoying pets- all of it. I am thankful when I wake up that I got another day with these people that I share life with. I love thanksgiving because it really gives us all … Read more

Glitter Pine Cones : DIY Fall Decor

DIY Glitter Pinecones, Perfect to personalize your Fall decor with colors that match your home! Plus fun fall crafting, thanksgiving

This weekend was full of a lot of fun Thanksgiving and Fall crafting, from beautiful pinecone decor like we are showing you below to fun kids Thanksgiving crafts! I can only share so many things at once, so wanted to go ahead and give you some inspiration if you are getting your Fall table and … Read more

Preschool Friendly Pine Cone Craft: Fall Fun!

pine cone craft

It’s October, the temperatures are cooling down and all of a sudden being out and about with your family doesn’t seem like that much of a chore. Ha ha, taking a three year old out is never a chore, right? RIGHT? But truth be told, time is going by quick and this nice cool weather … Read more

Fingerpainting a Fall Tree

Fingerprint Tree, Perfect fall fingerpainting craft activity for kids to get messy and have fun - perfect tree every time

A bit back I read this really cool post on Colorful Leaf Printing. I loved everything she did, the painting of the leaves, the pushing it on a tray and then using that leaf paint to create a piece of art. Adorable! But the final product, the Finger Painting Fall Tree, turned out really beautiful and … Read more