Galaxy Jars DIY: Hold the Galaxy in your Hands!

DIY Galaxy Jars Instructions. Learn how to make Galaxy Jars, which is a perfect sensory bottle or calm-down jar craft that kids and adults alike will love. Scroll down to read how you can hold a galaxy in a jar, with this incredibly easy-to-follow tutorial. A long time ago… just kidding. Galaxy Jars Be warned: … Read more

75+ FANTASTIC Science Fair Project Ideas!

The words “science fair” can strike fear into the heart of nearly any parent; but fear not, I have some fun science fair project ideas for you from my daughter’s school! Between the homework, test studying, and extra-curricular activities, adding projects on top sometimes seems like a huge parental burden. But it doesn’t have to … Read more

How To Make Yarn Pumpkins With Balloons

Yarn Pumpkins | How to make Yarn Pumpkins | Simple Balloon Pumpkins for Halloween Crafting

If you want to know how to make yarn pumpkins with balloons, you’re in the right place. All you need is yarn, glue, and small balloons to get started! These lacey yarn pumpkins can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. I did it with kids, so ours are simple. Holidays are so … Read more

Guide to The Different Types of Paper for Crafts!

If you’re new to crafting, then you may be astonished to discover the plethora of types of paper out there! No matter what crafts you’re into DIY-ing, this list features the most popular types of paper and their crafty uses so that you’ll never have to wonder which type of paper is best for your … Read more

Best Types of Leather For Sewing

Whether you’re buying ready-made products or planning to make your own, understanding the differences between various types of leather will help you pick the right one. Leather gives you a special distinction, whether it’s used in a jacket or a chair. This article will talk about the different types of leather and the best application … Read more

19 Best Types of Fabric For DIY Tailors!

It’s important to be acquainted with different types of fabric. Knowing which fabric your clothes are made of will help you take better care of them. Also, knowing different fabrics allows you to opt for the best one. That’s the case when purchasing ready-made clothes, and also so if you’re into needlework. Without further ado, … Read more

10 Types of Zippers For DIY Tailoring Projects

Several hobbyists take one look at a pattern that includes zippers, and they just turn the page! The prospect of dealing with this seemingly complicated garment accessory is known to be a bit terrifying for sewing enthusiasts, and it’s not just the beginners who have that sentiment, but plenty of the pros, as well. However, … Read more

Dear Santa Letter: Free Printable Downloads

Dear Santa Letter FREE PRINTABLE | Free Download Template to write santa a letter, new for 2017

Download a “Dear Santa” letter with this free printable download and get the holiday season started out right! You can print one or both of these dear Santa letters which help make the season come alive for kids as they send their personalized letter to the North Pole. With just a dab of color, these … Read more

Types of Quilts: 11 Patterns to Try at Home!

The art of quilting has been around for thousands of years and passed through centuries of families and tradition. Today, quilting remains one of the most popular and well-loved hobbies of people around the world. Whether you’re a beginner looking for easy patterns or an experienced quilter wanting to try out something challenging, here are … Read more

Tips For Creating Baby Announcements Your Friends Will Love

Nothing is more adorable and enthralling than announcing the patter of tiny feet to your family and friends. Baby announcements can be made exciting by bringing creativity to let your friends know that there is an addition of someone special in your family. There are contemporary and proven standards for announcing a newborn, and our … Read more

Salt, Sugar, Flour Toddler Science Experiment

When it comes to science, starting early shouldn’t just be a must, it should be fun. Kids are naturally curious and the household is one of the best places to encourage your kids to learn by doing. In our house I have a large spread of ages. I have a 2 year old and a … Read more

Lip Scrub: Cocoa and Brown Sugar DIY

Last night when my husband came home and Charlotte and I were knee deep into scrubs, he was like…um…but then he tried my Soft Hands Sugar Scrub and was like…wow!  Charlotte and I spent pretty much a good portion of the evening testing different scrub smells, textures and even adding some extract instead of smell … Read more

How to Marble ornaments | DIY Tutorial

how to marble ornaments | Marbling Ornaments | DIY Tutorial #Christmas #decoration

With the holiday season approaching fast, there is nothing more fun than homemade ornaments! Please read below how to marble ornaments with nail polish and stuff them with delicious treats for super fun and homemade gifts this season! Throughout the years I have made some really fun ornaments, but nothing is more fun for kids … Read more

How to Build a Pond and Waterfall (Phase #1)

How to Build a Pond and Waterfall - perfect for your Front Yard Garden. Step by Step Pond Tutorial to make it easy, everything to purchase, mistakes to avoid and more!

This “how to build a pond and waterfall DIY” is being supported by smartpond pond products. Next month we will have lived in this house for 2 years. Two years that we could be doing landscaping, painting, or decorating our house…and yet somehow, even with all our high hopes and our lust for this house, we … Read more

Hot Glue Spider Web Pumpkins: No Carve!

If it involves hot glue, I pretty much know how to do it. After years (and the invention of) tutu bow holders about 10 years ago, I pretty much turn to hot glue when I am doing any and all decorating. So today when I was standing over my kitchen counter trying for the 100th … Read more