Bat Poop Slime: Halloween Slime Recipe!

Disgusting Bat Poop Slime, Halloween Slime Recipe to gross out your friends with a secret ingredient 

Disgusting Bat Poop Slime, is a Halloween Slime Recipe to gross out your friends with a secret ingredient!  Learn below how to make this bat poop slime for some good old fashioned Halloween fun! Summers over so you think you have gotten past all the slime in your house….WRONG! Halloween is absolutely one of the … Read more

How to make Fluffy Slime with Saline Solution

Fluffy Saline Solution Slime: How to make Fluffy Slime with Saline Solution step by step

How to make Fluffy Slime with Saline Solution, a slime recipe alternative without using borax or liquid starch. Learn below how to make easy fluffy slime with saline solution and baking soda.  Welcome to slime headquarters. If you have been here before, you are already well aware of our tons of amazing slime recipes that … Read more

How to make Saline Solution Slime (Step By Step)

Saline Solution Slime: How to make Saline Solution Slime that is EASY, Stretchy and FUN for kids

If you love learning how to make slime, you will love this recipe and tutorial on how to make saline solution slime. Skip the starch, skip the borax, you can easily get on the slime train with this saline solution slime perfect for kids. The best part about using a saline solution is that its … Read more

Rainbow Burst Fluffy Slime: How to make

Rainbow Burst SLIME, Rainbows will come BURSTING out of your slime with this Slime DIY

Rainbow Burst slime is a fun fluffy slime recipe that brings together the poofy awesome fun learning How to make Fluffy Slime, with the creative feel of Rainbow Explosion Slime! This shaving cream slime can be made in any color and has a BURST of rainbows, making it a fun sensory experience for kids and … Read more

How to make Clear Slime Rainbow Explosion Recipe

Rainbow Explosion Clear Slime: Gorgeous rainbows created in a DIY Clear Slime, learn how!

How to make clear slime with this rainbow explosion slime recipe. Clear slime is so much fun and when you add loom bands or sprinkles like we did, its a whole new and fun slime experience.   This slime recipe can also be combined with Rainbow Slime (clear glue) to get even more creative! Free download … Read more

Saline Solution Fluffy Slime Recipe

Kids slime-addicted?  Try a new version to keep play interesting – fluffy slime! If like me, you thought the slime craze was going to die down after it’s explosion this spring, it seems you were wrong. Nearly every store I visit these days is selling gallon jugs of glue, and I’m not just talking about … Read more

Slime Painting DIY

Slime Painting: Slime Recipe perfect for Painting, Canvas Painting , an awesome sensory experience

Slime Painting: Slime Recipe perfect for Painting, Canvas Painting and an awesome sensory experience! Scroll below for your Slime Painting Tutorial on canvas and a video! Slime is so fun to make on its own but lately we have been experimenting with all the fun things you can do with it other than just making it. … Read more

Unicorn Poop Slime (With Clear Glue)

Unicorn Poop Slime: Clear Glue Unicorn Poop, a gorgeous take on the original , step by step and such a beautiful slime!

A few years ago we created unicorn poop slime and everyone really loved it. Since then, MomDot has been on the forefront of creating and inspiring you out there to enjoy slime in a sensory and creative fashion with awesome new slimes like Kinetic slime (holds shape) and Rainbow Explosion to old favorites like 4th … Read more

Green Goop Recipe: Slime it up!

Goop! Green Goop, Gak and Slime recipe, perfectly messy fun plus video

Green Goop Recipe: A super goop slime that is fast flowing for all your amazing slime crafts. Look below for video, tutorial and way to use this slime! For all the slime recipes we make, there are some that are just not like the others. You can make slime ooey, gooey and sticky or super … Read more

Clear Rainbow Slime: No Borax

Rainbow Slime That will Blow your Mind, Plus Video of it Sheeting! Gorgeous!

Clear Rainbow Slime Tutorial, Create your own rainbow slime with clear glue, making a beautiful falling rainbow that is as fun to make as it is to play with. Go below to find out how created this fun science project that you can do right now. Learning how to make slime is a perfect summer … Read more

Shooting Star Slime DIY Homemade Slime for Kids

Slime Recipe: Shooting Star Slime, Perfect Slime recipe

Shooting Star Slime DIY Homemade Slime for Kids, Slime Recipe: Shooting Star Slime. Perfect Slime recipe that comes alive with STARS that Streak through the slime! I love sharing with all of you new and innovative ways to play with your slime and learning how to make slime this way is no exception. Of course we … Read more