Rainbow Fluffy Slime DIY Homemade Recipe with Shaving Cream

Rainbow FLUFFY SLIME recipe, Create AMAZING RAINBOW FLUFFY SLIME with this Tutorial

Rainbow Fluffy Slime DIY Homemade Recipe with Shaving Cream.  Learn how to make the ultimate fluffy slime with this recipe and create gorgeous rainbows and stripes with your slime. Scroll below for our fluffy slime recipe as well as some other alternatives to get creative today! Rainbow Fluffy Slime DIY Homemade Recipe with Shaving Cream First … Read more

Homemade Floam: DIY Floam Recipe

Homemade floam is so easy! Simply take a DIY slime recipe and combine it with Styrofoam balls, adding as many or as few as you want for a different texture outcome. See what floam recipe I liked the best and learn how to make floam right at home today! Floam Recipe We have a lot … Read more

Valentines Slime

glitter slime

Happy New Year everyone! I have finally put away all my Christmas decorations and am prepping for Mardi Gras and Valentines. I am such a holiday hound! To kick off this year’s craft projects, I wanted to bring you some Valentines Slime! This red (or pink) slime is so fun and so easy for kids, … Read more

Pot-O-Gold Slime Recipe

Pot-O-Gold : St. Patricks Day Slime Recipe for gorgeous glittery slime that sheets in sparkles

Typically when we make slime, you are used to us using the big old gallon of white glue. And it works and works super well, but this time we wanted to try something different. So instead of making white slime and dying it whatever color we wanted, we instead bought clear glue that was insanely … Read more

15 Insane Homemade Slime Recipes

When it comes to getting dirty, my kids are experts. I presume all of them are and there is nothing more fun than putting your hands into a gak or a slime. I know that not every parent loves mess, but mess teaches. Its fun. Its busy. And for those of you that cant stomach … Read more

How to Make Thanksgiving Explosion Slime

How to make Thanksgiving Explosion slime! With perfect fall colors, you can make your own version of rainbow explosion slime that fits perfectly in the Thanksgiving and fall themes. This super fun homemade slime recipe will bring sensory play and fun to your fall. Look below to learn how to make thanksgiving slime!   How … Read more

10 Stunning Sprinkle Slimes

Making slime is so much fun for so many reasons. As my daughter likes to say “it just feels So awesome to play with!” And it really does! I know that parents are afraid of slime for the mess factor, but when supervised or made on a vinyl mat (we have one just for painting, … Read more

Christmas Explosion Slime Tutorial

Christmas Explosion Slime, the prettiest slime you will make this season, is perfect for gifting, sensory play and pure fun!

Christmas Explosion Slime, the prettiest slime you will make this season, is perfect for gifting, sensory play and pure fun! Look below to find your best slime recipe and learn how to make gorgeous red and green streak across your slime, making slime the ultimate crafting fun. As a leader in slime crafting ( you … Read more

Mad Scientist Halloween Slime Tutorial

Mad Scientist Halloween Slime Tutorial | Halloween Slime #slime #howtomakeslime #diy #fallcrafts

Mad Scientist Halloween Slime Tutorial is a fun way to still enjoy slime into the fall months! Learn below how to make Halloween slime that will inspire you to play, learn, and enjoy! Summer may be over but slime should not be! Halloween time is the PERFECT time to learn how to make slime and … Read more

Making Slime Moldable and Bendable for Play

Chances are you already know how to make slime. If you don’t, use one of our many slime recipes. Now there are many ways to make your slime bend in shapes, from kinetic slime to crunchy slime, slimes with stuff in them typically does well and similar to play dough. It can be used with … Read more

Make Glitter Slime Without Glitter Glue!

Make Glitter Slime and customize the glitter color easily! You can make glitter slime without glitter glue and create gorgeous stripes and beautiful shine by using fine glitter like this metallic chrome version. Look below to see how adding glitter directly to your already made slime can provide a shimmer and shine that is enjoyable … Read more

Make Halloween Slime as a Halloween Candy Alternative

slime storage Halloween | Handing out slime for Halloween favors

Now that summer is over, slime is over. Its a mantra you have been saying since the whole craze begin, right parents? WRONG! Slime is never more accurate than when used in a Halloween setting. From ooey and gooey to sticky and well, slimey, some of the worlds best Halloween movies feature slime and this … Read more