Mardi Gras Mask Craft Idea

Fresh off our stint to Bloggers on Bourbon, I had some crafts available at my house (cause we forgot to do them in the whirlwind of our trip) and last night my family settled down to do a “Make a Mardi Gras Mask” session. This is a cheap and easy craft to make with your … Read more

How to make Mini Hat (tutorial)

This weekend I found this super cute mini hat hair piece, a la Alice in Wonderland. It was $15. Ouch. I like random quirky items. But I knew for sure I could make a replica for much MUCH cheaper. So today I went over to Hobby Lobby and grabbed some crafting supplies to create my … Read more

My husband told me I look thinner!

It’s official. My DH told me today I look thinner. I went to bed last night a little worried. I have a bad habit of weighing myself all day. I just like to see if it moved up or down. Its kinda interesting to watch and see what your body is processing and what its … Read more

Day #4: Ok, So I cheated a *little*

This is day 4 on the cabbage diet or dolly parton diet for me… well, day four and a half technically. Sunday night when I was prepping the soup, I ate two bowls. Just ignore the fact that I followed it with a half cup of reeses peanut butter cup ice cream. I was raving … Read more

Day #3: Cabbage Diet. Its getting better.

Day #1 felt like detox. Just the sure willpower of not walking into the kitchen and eating anything was a hard habit to break. Pour a sweet tea, a soda, a’s just so easy to do .It’s even extra easy for someone like me where no one is home and can chastise me for … Read more

Day #2: Cabbage Soup Diet

I made it through yesterday. I wont lie..I thought perhaps I was starving to death at moments. And it wasn’t because I was necessarily hungry, it was because I was hungry for other things than what I was eating. Watching my family eat lunch and dinner yesterday was pure torture. Macaroni and Cheese, turkey sandwiches….every … Read more

My daughters pictures stolen and used in ad

Well, today got interesting. Erin from This Mom Shops sent me a link of my daughter on a Chinese based wholesale company website that is using my daughter as a sample for their products- pictures that were stolen from my blog. While I realize I accept an amount of risk with Charlotte online, it infuriates … Read more

Discount Swingsets, Sunray, Gorilla Playsets!

The discount playset information below was originally published in 2010. The site listed has since closed, so the links have been updated with other great deals on these playsets, although not all may match original information in the article. Scroll below to see our 2017 choices or read swing set buying tips here. When I … Read more

Highlander 4

If you have missed the first post regarding the Highlander Swingset Review and Assembly, you can backtrack. Yes, It’s Day 4 already. In all fairness, during the regular work week its about impossible to do anything till 5pm at night and we are only working an hour or two a night after Chris gets home. … Read more

Highlander Swingset (review and tips)

We purchased the Highlander Deluxe Cedar Playset with Slide. We asked my FIL to help us out putting it together and he agreed (of course..thank you!) but I think we all underestimated the serious engineering that went behind this swingset. Tips: Make sure you read through the instructions and note all the tools you need. … Read more

Bellingrath Gardens and Mothers Day

This weekend was very special. It was my 9 year wedding anniversary and mothers day! A whole weekend specially designed for me! Actually, may is a whole month designed for me. I have a birthday in 2 weeks as well. On Saturday we didn’t have a sitter or anything so we spent our anniversary celebrating … Read more

Outside Sidewalk Chalk Fun!

We do a lot of sidewalk chalk art. Its something that I enjoy doing outside, which is a rarity, so when Charlotte is trying to get me outside she suggests drawing. I usually bite. And for Charlotte, drawing a picture can’t just be with crayons. Oh no, she wants puff paint, glitter, sidewalk chalk, and … Read more

How to Tie Dye a shirt (fun Craft project!)

This weekend we were looking for a craft project the whole family could get involved in and I had seen these Tie Dye kits at hobby lobby for $20, so we went out to grab one. (tip: Hobby Lobby does 40% off regularly priced products coupons on their site weekly…print one off first!) The kit … Read more

How to make a tutu for your Barbie

While I have how to make a tutu instructions for a little girl (or adult!) and how to make a tutu for your kitten, I was thinking this weekend that it would be cute for Charlotte’s barbie collection to have a tutu collection! *SALE* 9 GLITTER Tulle Rolls each one 6GET YOUR TULLE!! These size … Read more

Handmade Fashion

Every now and then you just have to do your own thing. Charlotte and I embarked on our own homemade shirts last night. For this project, we used: 1 child’s shirt ( Hobby Lobby, 50% off, $1.50) 1 adult tank (Hobby Lobby, 50% off, $2.50) 5 fabric paints (Hobby Lobby, .99cents) 1 package of fabric … Read more