Create a Snowman from a box: Creative Gift Giving

Do you want to build a snowman? Snowman Giftbox that is! I know better than anyone that when gifting great presents, they are not always easy to wrap the traditional way. Sure, you can scotch tape it to death if you want, but then it runs the risk of tearing before the big deal. And … Read more

How to Gift Wrap Bottles

How to Gift Wrap a  Bottles (like a boss!) – you may be gift giving a lot this year and wrapping up bottles can be a pain and stuffing in a box can be a waste! Here is a great way to hide bottles you are gift (like shampoo, lotions, oils) easily and beautifully!  I … Read more

3D Homemade Wrapping Paper Ideas

  Looking for a fun and inspiring way to wrap your gifts this year? Skip the aisle at the local big box brand and make your own organic looking (and environmentally friendly) take on personalizing your best gifts! Tip: In lieu of our cutting machine, you can also prebuy die cuts, use a shape cutter or … Read more

31 days of Christmas Gifting (in Mason Jars)

Are you looking for some last minute gifts this year? Have no fear! We have scoured the web for some of the best Mason Jar DIY and Crafts that will make your monthly or last minute gifting a breeze. Check out our 31 Days of Christmas Giving with Mason Jars for trendy ideas that are easy to … Read more

20 Beach Themed Christmas DIY Ideas

I think it is safe to say that I’m a beach girl. I love everything about it. The refreshing breeze, the sound of the waves, and the salty smell in the air. All of it makes me incredibly happy. This happiness has seeped through to the way I celebrate Christmas. It has been a passion … Read more

Free Dear Santa Printable Set

Dear Santa Letter Printable FREE

Free Dear Santa Printable Set. Download this free Santa Letter printable so kids can write a letter to Santa and you will know what they want for Christmas! Christmas is so joyous with magic and kids LOVE to write to Santa…maybe he will even write back! FREE DEAR SANTA PRINTABLE This time of the year … Read more

15 DIY Ways to Make Snow Globes

make a snow globe with your kids

As a child, I loved snow globes. I would pick them up every time I saw them during my vacations (hello! we all buy them at the airport!), received them as gifts from out of town family members and now my daughter collects them! I think the love of snow globes is not an uncommon one.  I … Read more

10 Handprint Crafts for Christmas

I adore handprint crafts. With a three year old they are some of the most fun and creative things we can do together. On top of that, there are craft options for every single event or holiday you could possibly ever think of…which brings me to the topic of the absolute best, most adorable, festive, … Read more

Christmas Ball Wreath Tutorial

christmas ball wreath tutorial

For the past week my awesome husband has been home hanging out with me on his winter vacation and while we did a lot of nothing, yesterday we did go out and decorate the house. It’s been pretty fun watching some really nice decor go up around my neighborhood but we have been slacking the … Read more

Paper Clip + Curly Ribbon = Homemade Ornaments

Make a perfect Christmas Ornament with a Paperclip and Curly Ribbon, Fun, Inexpensive Chrismas DIY

I have finally retired Thanksgiving Crafts. I have to admit- it makes me sad. I was so getting used to publishing turkeys that they had become part of my every day. But the internet around me has been celebrating Christmas for the past 6 weeks- EASY. And its finally time to conform. Or catch up … Read more

Snowman Printable: Build me a House

Alright. Before you make fun of me, I am not an artist. Yes, I can craft, but my creativity leaves somewhere at the pencil. Except here is the great thing- my kids do not care. My son is 3 and I could be Picasso in his eyes and my daughter, even if she notices, is … Read more

How to make a Cinnamon Stick Star Ornament

For all you 5 minute “non crafters” that still love to hand make items- I have a fantastically easy Christmas Ornament craft for you! I swear. Easy. If you can use a glue gun, you can do this. Now I know we are still quite a few weeks out from the ho-ho-ho-holiday, but the time is … Read more

Mike Wazowski Wreath DIY Tutorial (Holiday Version!)

My son has a serious Monsters University addiction. Like serious. Every day he wakes up with the question “Monsters?” and every night we go down with “I WANT Monsters!” And on the few days that I manage to avoid it, low and behold Disney puts it on TV. Cant. Get. Away. I am sure my … Read more

DIY “Reason for the Season” ornament

With everyone doing Christmas Crafts everywhere… trees and wreaths and all sorts of lovely Santa things, I haven’t see as many Jesus/Christian things so I thought I would bring a super easy less than $5, less than 5 minute craft that reminds you the “reason” of the season if you are of the Christian faith … Read more

Beach Themed Ornaments DIY

As a beach girl living on the Gulf Coast, I could not resist having some beach-y themed decor this year. I mean, hello. You remember my sons room, right? But instead of buying some (and there are cute ones!) Charlotte and I decided to ruin my dining room floor with fine grain sand and hot … Read more