No-Candy Halloween Treat Idea for Trick Or Treaters

Although it’s still 95 degrees outside where I live, fall has already kicked off and my favorite holiday of the year, Halloween, is hot on its heels. I have to admit I love all things pumpkin, witches, Frankenstein and everything ghostly and ghoulie out there. From the dressing up to the decorating, I get started … Read more

Frankenstein Rice Krispie Treats Recipe

This year I have seen some adorable rice krispie treat ideas. From these adorable fall leaves to these easy pumpkin krispies, you can get your fall rice krispie fix in a variety of shapes and colors. But nothing cracked me up more than these Monster Rice Krispies that I saw. With the bright colors and expressive eyes, … Read more

Ghost Lollipops Miniature suckers

October is kicking off and it’s time to start collecting the pass out candy. I don’t know about you but it takes me like 3 weeks to gather enough for all the kids in our neighborhood and somehow spreading it out makes it easier on the pocket book. No matter the cost, however, Halloween remains … Read more

Lollipop Monsters DIY for Halloween

I have been making Lollipop Ghosts since the dawn of time. I think its one fo the first things you recognize in your Halloween basket and because it’s so easy to make, so many houses pass them out. This year, why not mix it up and add some Lollipop Monsters into your bucket as well! … Read more

DIY 3D Spider with Free Spider Web Template

Kids Halloween Craft Idea: Free Spiderweb Template + Create a Spider Craft (Send Spidey Back to his home!

Looking for a Halloween craft perfect for kids (and maybe adults too if I am being honest!)…..I have an easy one and have made it extra easy by providing a mini spider web template.   HOW TO PRINT SPIDERWEB TEMPLATE DOWNLOAD FREE PDF FILE HERE Then make sure you put your printer settings at 2 … Read more

Boo, Y’all, Boo : Free Fall Print

If you can’t tell, I love making prints! Prints (or printables as most bloggers call them) are an instant super fun and super easy way to switch up your household decoration with nothing more than a printer and an empty frame. I grab my frames cheap at places like Hobby Lobby or TJ Maxx and … Read more

Pink Sludge: DIY Disgusting Eyeball Slime

As the end of August nears, the time is now to start thinking about all the holiday fun. I know Halloween seems far off, but with so much awesome Halloween crafting adn DIY you can do, plus planning for parties and get together’s, it helps to be prepped. I am going to do my part … Read more

25 Ooey Gooey Slime Recipes

PERFECT SLIME RECIPE Before you find the idea that inspires you the most, make sure you have everything you need! Purex Sta-Flo Liquid Starch, 64 Ounce PRO TIP: Making slime with LIQUID STARCH and glue is a ton easier than mixing borax to do it. Simply use about 1tsp in 4 oz of glue (you … Read more

Rainbow Slime: How to make with borax

We are RAINBOW SLIME CRAZY! UPDATE: NEW RAINBOW SLIME HERE – just click image below to get the new recipe SLIME BOOK AVAILABLE!! Love the Slime Recipes on MomDot? Our first book has been published and you can pick up a copy right on Amazon for yourself or to gift to a slime fan in … Read more

Frankenstein Handprints Craft: Easy Halloween!

This week I was online sharing my cute little Foot Print Ghost feet and my blog friend Rachel told me they do that in their preschool PLUS Frankenstein Handprints and I was like…tell me more! And she did, which is what I am showing today! First, I want to say thank you to Rachel. She … Read more

“I Love My Mummy” : Printable

Mummy Craft, Perfect for halloween, Paper crafting or use a paper plate! Plus free I love my mummy PDF printable

Alright so this is my very last Halloween post of the year and I wanted to do a recap first before we close out.  I completed 15 full step by step picture tutorials for Halloween crafts that I hope you really enjoyed. I heard from a lot of you as you tested them out and … Read more

Easy Spider Craft for Preschoolers

Create paper spider, perfect fun craft for preschool kids, you can also hang up! Halloween Crafting

How was your Halloween trick or treating on Friday? It got cold here! I mean like…really cold. It so figures that all week it was about 80 degrees and the one day we have to walk around in costumes, the temperature plunged. Actually, let me take that back- Phoenyx refused to walk anywhere so my … Read more

Breadstick Bones: Spooky Halloween Appetizer

Breadstick Bones with a side of Blood!  Serve up a good time this Halloween! It’s nearly that time of the year again, where Halloween parties are upon us and appetizers are running amock at every house you visit. This year as you are planning your pre trick or treat meal, give the kids a giggle with … Read more

#TreatThePups this Halloween, Free Printable

With Halloween merely weeks away, there will be no doubt that you will be witnessing lots of furry friends walking around with their canine companions and showing off some pretty snazzy costumes! And even though a pat on the head is always nice, do not forget to #TreatThePups too! By having some large bags of … Read more