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4 Must-Have Free Summer Printables: Print Some Sunshine

Throughout my home I have various tables or surfaces laden with pictures.  Most of them are family pictures, moments in time that I want to remember at a glance.  I love the words from Ed Sheeran’s Photograph: “We keep this love in a photograph, we make these memories for ourselves.  Where our eyes are never closing, hearts are never broken, time’s forever frozen still.”  With the passing of our oldest son, Caden, in October 2017 after nearly four years battling cancer, these memories are now priceless treasures!

But I also have many frames that I love to trade out prints during different seasons or celebrations, too.  Click {Here} and {Here} for other home decor printables!!

Enjoy some free Summer printables to welcome in Summer 2018!


{Summertime Is Always The Best Of What Might Be– Free Printable}

{Hello Summer– Free Printable}

{Summer Days– Free Printable}


I am also a check list person.  The more items I can add to my list, the better.  One example of this is when I clean my kitchen.  I do not just put, “Wipe down fridge.”  Oh, no!  I put, “Wipe left door.  Wipe Right door.  Wipe Left handle.  Wipe Right handle.”  I love looking down a page of finished checks!  The more I have, the more accomplished I feel.  Nothing makes me feel like I have conquered the day like a page full of neatly checked boxes.

Also, I like having ready-made ideas at my disposal.  Summer Bucket Lists give me ideas that I can do with my kids, or let my kids do on their own, without having to put too much thought into what they can do to combat the Summertime “I’m bored” complaints.  I love the challenge to get all the boxes checked before time runs out.  Keeping the Bucket Lists along with pictures from our adventures is an additional memento from our Summer together “photographs.”  This Summertime Bucket List will get your kids off the couch, away from their electronics, and out of the house for a summer that they’ll never forget!

Don’t miss out on my Rainy Day Printable, for those days that outdoor play is just not possible!

{Summertime Bucket List 2018– Free Printable}