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Why my $1000 Laptop was a waste of money.


Earlier this month I had the pleasure of talking with a few thousand of my closest friends on twitter for the HP Show and Tech twitter party. As a part of that, HP sent me an HP Pavilion TouchSmart 14inch sleekbook. Now as a blogger you can imagine I use a lot of tech products. From tablets to phones, desktops, to my mac and of course a lap top. But till now I had a hard time with my laptop. See last year around April I decided I needed a laptop.  My tablet wasn't cutting it where photography and editing were concerned and when I was on trips I could not dump and resize photos without a huge hassle. I knew that I needed a working on the go computer and researched laptops over and over … [Read More...]

Finding Neighborhood Community This Easter

Easter Egg Hunt #rethinkchurch

For the past 6 years that I have lived in Mobile I have been trying to get my family to the local Easter Egg hunt at Bellingrath Gardens. Its this amazingly large Easter Egg hunt where all the kids trade in eggs for little prizes but more importantly its a time for my family to all be together just for the sake of being together. I am happy to report  that after 6 long years WE FINALLY MADE IT! Now I won't disclose how much whining and complaining we were subjected to on the ride there and on the ride back, but we made it. And I would do it all over again.     Of course every day of the week I try to block out time with my kids on a very one on one basis. … [Read More...]

Buy 3 Knorr Sides, Get 1 FREE (& Win!)


There are two ways I make dinner. Taking the time to plan it or going out to eat. I have found that after a long day of chasing a 2 year old, arguing with a 9 year old on common core mathematics and stressing over the day to day cleaning, cooking is the last thing I want to do. To ease the tension of "one more thing before I can sit down" I have started making a dinner list. Taking the time to sit down and figure out what I am going to cook all week, get the shopping done for it and pinning the list to the fridge makes all the difference in my house.  Cooking becomes less of a chore and the more I know about what I need to do, the easier it is to do it. The 4-Meal Deal As a mom or a … [Read More...]

Salt, Sugar, Flour Toddler Science Experiment

Science for Toddlers, a fun Salt, Sugar, Flour and Baking Soda Experiment, www.momdot.com

When it comes to science, starting early shouldn't just be a must, it should be fun. Kids are naturally curious and the household is one of the best places to encourage your kids to learn by doing. In our house I have a large spread of ages. I have a 2 year old and a 9 year old so finding items they can both learn from at their separate levels can be a challenge. I had originally been seeing online "salt painting" and wanted to take that one step further and add extra household ingredients to see how they reacted. Here is what we did. Salt, Sugar, Flour Toddler Science Experiment  You will need Black construction paper Elmer's Glue Salt Sugar Flour Baking … [Read More...]

Giving up on naptime or just a bad kids mattress?

Beach Nursery

In Feb my best friend Nicole came to visit and one thing she made mention of me several times since is how NICE it was to sleep on my mattress. She didn't wake up once and was comfortable all night long. It's true, having a great mattress is something that we all should have but often neglect due to price. We also get stuck in this rut of never purchasing a new one or even considering that the ones we have may be old, or broken, or not great for our every changing bodies. But what about the littlest people in our family? When Phoenyx was about to be born I spent a lot of time working on his bedroom. I put up curtains, murals, specialty bedding but when it came to his mattress, I just ran … [Read More...]

I’m Watching you!


Lately P has been hilarious. He is turning into such a little boy (that needs a serious haircut). Check out his expressions yesterday when he sees me watching him...he got all self conscious. … [Read More...]

Ponds: Up your Beauty Routine with Simple


Two weeks ago I was on my way to board a cruise boat with 38 of my best online friends. (on way to ship! Yay! Thats blogger Lynsey Jones from Moscato Mom photobombing me) (Yep...all bloggers!) The last thing I wanted to worry about was looking good - I wanted to FEEL good and I wanted my routines to be simple in between the races to the shows, the sunning on the deck and the nighttime dinners. My face freaks out if I don't take care of it, so that was not gonna be an option. One thing that really helped me with the rush between all the ship activities AND my packing was to throw some Pond's Towelettes into my suitcase. I did not have to worry about them leaking all over my luggage … [Read More...]

Deviled Eggs that WOW the dinner table!


Now that spring is hitting, your kids are no doubt asking you when you are going to dye eggs. And while that is fun (even if a bit messy), you can wow them at dinner tonight with colored deviled eggs , a fun way to enjoy this Easter favorite for young and old alike! Today I snuck in some of these while prepping all the materials for my daughter to dye her own eggs. Of course after having them on the counter a few hours, they are long gone. Hopefully they will be as big of a hit in your home as well! How to Dye Deviled Eggs You will need eggs already boiled vinegar water Easter egg dye kit Instructions 1) Prep your dye in bowls the way the back of the box says. In this … [Read More...]

Hurricane Harbor Tickets and Opening for Six Flags Over Georgia


Last year I was one of the very first lucky bloggers to announce about the brand new water park, Hurricane Harbor, coming to Six Flags over Georgia. Throughout the year I have been able to watch the progress from ground breaking to now and recently had a chance to go back to the park to see the progress! This is my YAAAAAAAAAY face. First, coming into the park is always a thrill. Something about putting aside all the work, the bills, and gearing up to jump on rides! I learned during my trip about the brand new finger mapping to make getting into the park quicker and easier. And it's true! The lines were minimalist compared to my visit last year and people were getting in and out … [Read More...]

Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort: Win a Stay Here!


Earlier last week (right before my amazing cruise!) I had let you all know about the Destin Wine Festival in Destin, Florida in my Cotton Candy Champagne post. If you have not been to the area, its an absolutely a MUST see spot in the US and a perfect family or romantic vacation. I grew up on the panhandle in Pensacola Beach so I am well aware of the coastal green waters and the white sands and wait every year for perfect beach weather. Well, it has arrived!  Kick off your summer by checking out the Destin Wine Festival!  You can get the whole schedule of events and get tickets to the “Best Annual Event” by Destin Magazine, which is also known as the Best event in the Visit South Walton … [Read More...]

Cotton Candy Champagne : Mom’s Night In


In honor of the 28th annual Sandestin Wine Festival, taking place April 10-13, I wanted to give you a little fun idea that can help you celebrate the FUN in being an adult - wine and all the great things to do with it. Recently the Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort, the #1 resort on Northwest Florida’s Emerald Coast, invited Chris and I to experience an "at home wine in a box" to get a little festival at home. Of course for me, wine translates to champagne (because that's the kind of drinker I am) and must always accompany a side of Italian. But first about Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort. If you are lucky enough to be from this area, which I am, you already know all about them. On their … [Read More...]

How to make Stand up Bunny Ears


Now that we have started Mardi Gras in town, it's a reminder that Easter is just around the corner. I know some of you are going NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, but it's true. Plus by the time Easter gets here, its spring, so there is that. Yesterday I hopped (see what I did there?) over to the craft store to see if I could find something holiday related to do with the kids. Turns out, I found something holiday related I could do with the kids AND the cats, so torture it is! How to make Stand up Bunny Ears (that annoy your cats) foam sheets (1 white and 1 pink is fine) elastic hole punch glue scissors pencil   To start you need to make yourself a bunny ear template or … [Read More...]