Team Phoenix, of course!

Finding yourself standing in the men’s aisle wondering which AXE to buy? I was just there myself yesterday and there were literally more scents than I could imagine. I was like..when the heck did men’s care products get so DETAILED??  And after standing there smelling… Read More

Dog Days of Summer: Join Us!

While summer may be ending for most of our kids, the pests are not going anywhere yet! In fact, where I live in the Gulf Coast, these last few months of “summer” are generally some of the hottest and wettest, making it a perfect time… Read More

5 Tips to Decide Kindergarten Readiness

Tips to Decide if This is the Year Your Child Will Go to Kindergarten Everyone else is excited to send their child to kindergarten this year, but you’re on the fence. Why? Well, your child turns FIVE right before the cutoff date. The big question… Read More

How to Help a Sore Throat Fast!

Today, the first thing charlotte said when she walked in the door was “someone threw up in the classroom this morning…at least it was before snack.”  Nice.  But going back to school, at least for us, tends to bring on the colds, sniffles, headaches and… Read More

Young Living Shampoo Review: Did it work?

If you know me at all there are two things that you probably turn to me for: Hair care and Books. In my world I combine them both by taking a bath while conditioning and reading- if you haven’t tried it, try it. Fabulous hair and a… Read More

Free Lunchbox Card Printables

in partnership with TapInfluence We started school this week and as a result, here I am, back at the making the lunch grind, doing my best to pass on some yummy goodies with a smile! Now my kids are totally different ages, with Charlotte being… Read More