Native American Paper Craft: Practice Shapes!

Native American Paper Craft: Practice Shapes You can use this inspirational paper craft idea to break out the shapes and let your little ones design a happy Thanksgiving face! The great thing about making a face (and you can do this for any Holiday i.e. Santa on Christmas) is that there are so many shapes that a child can use… Read More

Chief Headdress : DIY Thanksgiving Native American Headband

With tomorrow being Thanksgiving, you may be looking for some last minute kids thanksgiving crafts to keep your smallest out of the kitchen. This is an easy, quick and fun way for kids to create (and get creative) with a Chief Headdress.  Made with paper, this DIY Chief Headdress can be easily covered with feathers cut out of cardstock, painted… Read More

Slow Cooker (or Stovetop) Taco Soup Recipe

This year I won’t be hosting Thanksgiving. And while I am a little disappointed at least I don’t have to clean my house to spotless perfection all day for 35 people to walk through it! But in the past, when it comes to holiday cooking, I like to mix it up- spice it up if you will. When you come… Read More

Easy Ideas for Decorating the Kids Table

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of NABISCO Cookies and Crackers for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine. Sometimes I forget I am 37. It seems like only yesterday I was banned to the kid table in the other room at my grandmas. And as much as I loved family get togethers, the kid table was… Read More

Turkey Casserole : Make the most of your Leftovers Recipe

   Next week is not just Turkey day. It’s left over turkey day as well! Because if you do it right, you will find lots of yummy turkey that is just waiting to be resourced into delicious sandwiches, side dishes and yes, turkey casserole. Never had turkey casserole? FOR SHAME! It’s one of the best ways to take all the… Read More

Create a Snowman from a box: Creative Gift Giving

Do you want to build a snowman? Snowman Giftbox that is! I know better than anyone that when gifting great presents, they are not always easy to wrap the traditional way. Sure, you can scotch tape it to death if you want, but then it runs the risk of tearing before the big deal. And while I love the ease… Read More

Hot Wheels Race Rewards 2015

Ready for Hot Wheels® rewards? You know it well from the past and this 2015 season the Hot Wheels® deals get even better! With Hot Wheels® Race Rewards: Grab The Fire™ you get instant points for purchasing participating Hot Wheels® products available at your local Walmart store. And its so easy to grab and claim your Hot Wheels® Race Rewards! All… Read More

Amwell Review: Online Clinic Free Visit

This time of the year everyone in the house does the rounds. Rounds of being sick that is. I can barely keep up with the sniffles, congestions, ear aches, and my husband’s never ending gagging from the dry weather. But what I can also tell you is that heading to the Dr. or Urgent Care every other day is NOT… Read More

Mixbook Coupon Code: November 2015

Amazing Mixbook Deal! 50% off all cards & 10×10 photo books + 40% off site-wide It’s so easy to get caught up taking pictures instead of being in the moment. In fact, we often get so wrapped up in taking photos that we forget to live the very memory we are creating!  Yes, that smile on your son’s face when… Read More